sorry, i'm out
heya, i'm done; ily if you followed me, follow me, or have ever talked to me via the short time i've had this blog - you can go ahead and unfollow me now. if you'd like this URL (halfvulcanic)or any of the other star trek urls i saved you can contact me me via ask, i'll check now and then. thanks!

saved: carolmarcvs, chekovkitty, vulcanyoustop, captainsjimkirk, ohpavelchekov, godammitbones, ohdearspock, vulcanily, myladyenterprise, onzebridge, spockinthestars, cpineneedles, pinebear, sighchrispine, zacharyqs, chrispinetrees, vulcansnowflake. or and non star-trek: ofaesir, ohasgardians